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Paco del Valle is a visual artist, poet and experimental  music composer born in Barcelona in 1967 and  living in Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

His  first solo exhibitions were a mix of installations combined with paintings and other artistic disciplines like theatre, performance, poetry,live music, soundscapes and  S8 film projections. ‘Ocean’s Project, 1992 and  Symbols & Macronutrient Signs’   1993. He also found an artistic movement called Macronutrients with local artists in Granollers, Barcelona and publish together  the 1st Macronutrient Guide Poetry Book.

From 1990 to 1994 he travelled to the Netherlands  and  exhibited some  of his works in consignation  at the Jester Art Gallery and ABC Art Gallery.

From 1994 to 1998 he moved to Co. Galway,Ireland and  worked for the international theatre company MACNAS performing and buildingtheatre sets, costumes, props, and performing live at the Galway Art’s Festival 1996. He had also his first solo exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery and takes part in other local exhibition projects.

In 1998 moves to Amsterdam,the Netherlands where he lives 'til 2016 and becomes a Dutch citizen.

From 1998 to 2002 he began  researching on street art photographing graffiti made around in Amsterdam city .

2005-2016. He became a member of the prestigious North Holland Artist Association De Boterhal in Hoorn, the Netherlands representing North Holland artists and exhibits at the Hollan’s Art Fair in The Hague.

From 2006-20013  he exhibits his work  in Paris at the  Salon d’ autumne (2008) and becomes a member of 13éme  arrondissement artists association  Les Lezarts de la Bievre taking part in the anual  Open Workshops (Portes Ouvertes  du 13’eme and 5’eme arrondisement) invited by architect, author, and Gustave Eiffel’s biographer Gilbert Cordier.  He is requested by  Jérôme Coumet, Mayor of 13éme arrondissement  Town Hall in Paris, to exhibit at the Maire du 13éme in March 2008 with the exhibition:Just another Artist From Barcelona.

From 2008  to 2019 he is invited by internationally acclaimed Spanish writer and film director Fernando Arrabal to take part at his  home tertulia’s (talk shows) performing  a rap song from    Luce Moreau’s poem called  La Ardilla Scirucilla . Also,he composed a symphonics musical score for  Arrabal’ s poem Clitomania and creates  various musical projects for him like  Cancionero a la Luce del Arrabal, a  singalong song book Fractals an illustrated art  book about Benoit Mandelbrot Fractals with Fractal graphics and the electronic compositions OvertureFractal , Mandelbrot Lunaire and the electronic soundscape  Dance la Pataphisique.

In 2011 he self-publish the   CD :Viva La Mierda ,a musical tribute to Fernando Arrabal with  music composed  by Paco del Valle and  featuring: Paris Click, French singer  Max Nabis (Family Cheap, Blade) and Russian Master Chessplayer Gata Kamsky.

He published for the first time his musicscore in the Spanish  literature magazine‘’El Perro Blanco’’ and collaborated in a book tributeto F. Arrabal called : Arrabal 80  published by Libros del Innombrable with a musical score dcalled  L’ Infant Epileptique apiece  for piano and orchestra.

In 2013 he composed the music for the acclaimeddocumentary about Spanish world champion boxer Perico Fernández The Boxer.

In 2013 registers  and publish on CD  Thieri Foulc’s conference  Peintures de mots.

Since 2013 he has been inactive as an artist for personal reasons.

In 2016 he moved back to Ireland.


My Work

My works  explores graffiti  and street culture in a dimensional  space by using imaginary, geometrical,architectural, and organic shapes inside a spatial background . My work searches for spirituality and the biomorphically abstraction of life.

 I make use of a psychedelic palette scheme with vibrant and saturated colors. I want my work to be visually invasive, loud and violent to the eye.



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